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GNU, GPL, Open Source The world is slowly and surely going crazy. I'm sure of it now. The US copyright lobby has officially gone totally and utterly nuts. Get this: they are trying to lobby the US government to equate encouraging the use of Free and open source software to undermining intellectual property rights, and to weakening the software industry. I wish I was making this stuff up.
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by Redeeman on Wed 24th Feb 2010 23:55 UTC in reply to "Comment by Terg"
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lol... if that is what economics classes tell you, then that certainly explains why all the economics people are so braindead retarded..

paid employees write a great deal of free software, there will ALWAYS be atleast the same need for software to be written, no matter what it costs to acquire the software AFTER its written.. therefore, if everyone suddenly switches to free software, the exact same amount of software will be comissioned, since people wont be working for free obviously.

The only thing that changes is that it will be a 100% consumer demand that drives the action.. companies will need to hire third party developers, or have inhouse developers to write on the software, quite possibly large customization/development companies will open up, since its gonna be cheaper for everyone to pool together to have the software written.

All it takes to realize this is apparantly not a "simple economics course", but rather a tiny tiny bit of sense, which seemingly economics courses do not provide.

Sure, the days of adobe-like companies that writes zero good software, and just sits like fatcats spewing out garbage for money will end, but that is hardly a bad thing.

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