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Humor BBC News reports "Mark your diaries for 4 March because in Denver the funeral arrangements are well underway for the planned passing that day of Internet Explorer 6". There's a phobia of being buried alive but I think in this case, it's the living that are all too quick to be shoveling the dirt over as IE6 doesn't officially die until 2014 when Microsoft pull the life-support.
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RE: I like IE6, really
by Kroc on Thu 25th Feb 2010 20:13 UTC in reply to "I like IE6, really"
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IE6’s UI is what made it win over Netscape. IE6 was a breath of fresh air compared to Netscape. It wasn’t until Firefox was released that anything came along that was closely simple enough for IE6 users to want to adopt.

IE6’s toolbar is a good thing. What is wrong with IE6 is everything else. It’s slow, insecure and is a nightmare to code for. If IE6 had a decent rendering engine, then I would not find complaint with its UI. That is why ChromeFrame is a good thing.

Engine-wise; there’s still IE7/8, and IE8 is not too shabby and I really do hold out hope that IE9 will be a much needed return to a competitive IE.

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