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Humor BBC News reports "Mark your diaries for 4 March because in Denver the funeral arrangements are well underway for the planned passing that day of Internet Explorer 6". There's a phobia of being buried alive but I think in this case, it's the living that are all too quick to be shoveling the dirt over as IE6 doesn't officially die until 2014 when Microsoft pull the life-support.
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RE[3]: I like IE6, really
by google_ninja on Thu 25th Feb 2010 21:26 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I like IE6, really"
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Two problems.

First, there are loads of things that make the day to day life of a web developer easier. IE doesn't support a lot of them, while every other browser does a fine job with it. Supporting IE means you can't use those things, not supporting IE (but supporting every other browser) and you don't have that problem, unless you are talking about really bleeding edge stuff.

Second problem is that it is very buggy. Every browser has js and css bugs, but IE6 sort of took it to the next level.

As soon as IE6 goes away, it substantially raises the lowest common denominator (which will be IE7), and dramatically reduces the amount of hackery needed to get everything looking right.

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