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Humor BBC News reports "Mark your diaries for 4 March because in Denver the funeral arrangements are well underway for the planned passing that day of Internet Explorer 6". There's a phobia of being buried alive but I think in this case, it's the living that are all too quick to be shoveling the dirt over as IE6 doesn't officially die until 2014 when Microsoft pull the life-support.
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RE[4]: I like IE6, really
by Luke8844 on Thu 25th Feb 2010 22:54 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I like IE6, really"
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That is truly ironic.


Because claims of working with any browser flies against the desire to exclude the ones that you don't like. (Of course "this site works with any browser" is aspirational, as there must be early beta versions of browsers that were just so badly broken.)

My point is that IMO IE6 is good enough for most of the web, so shouldn't be excluded. Its a similar argument for why we make sites accessible even though it is a small portion of the population.

For me the argument about XML support in browsers is not a very strong argument. The web is still mainly content markup for the purposes of inter-human communication. Most of the web doesn't generate XML or even XHTML - so browsers have to degrade gracefully when they build their DOM.

Wouldn't you be very, very happy if you came into work one day, and found out your company was upgrading that system to a newer version that didn't have those problems anymore?

No, actually, if it was part of a general trend to not support older versions of web clients, I'd still be sad. Although I might enjoy using the upgraded client myself, I'd still wonder whether any visitors were being excluded from our site if it only worked with the new version.

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