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Linux Linux 2.6.33 has been released. This version features Nouveau, Nintendo Wii and Gamecube support, DRDB (Distributed Replicated Block Device), TCP "cookie transactions", a syscall for batching recvmsg() calls, several new perf subcommands (perf probe, perf bench, perf kmem, perf diff), support for cache compression and other improvements. See the full changelog here.
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Sticking with 2.6.32 makes sense for 10.04 LTS. I think Redhat, SuSe and Ubuntu (Mainly the first two) will "keep it alive":

I'd like to announce that the 2.6.32-stable tree is also going to be maintained as a "long-term" stable release, living for 2-3 years, like the 2.6.27 kernel is. This is because a number (i.e. more than 2) Linux distributions are basing their "enterprise" releases on this kernel version, and it will make their lives easier if I keep it alive.

Note, the viability of me keeping this tree alive for such a length of time relies on the developers working for those distros to keep me informed of patches that need to be backported and applied to it. Without their help, I will have no problem in stopping the maintenance of the tree.

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