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Humor BBC News reports "Mark your diaries for 4 March because in Denver the funeral arrangements are well underway for the planned passing that day of Internet Explorer 6". There's a phobia of being buried alive but I think in this case, it's the living that are all too quick to be shoveling the dirt over as IE6 doesn't officially die until 2014 when Microsoft pull the life-support.
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RE: Lazy developers
by deathshadow on Fri 26th Feb 2010 01:46 UTC in reply to "Lazy developers"
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[q]and then use conditional comments to get IE6 to deal with it, is incompetent.[q]
and even then you don't NEED that conditional comment bull bloating out your markup since if you just avoid declaring width or height same time as padding/border, know what a haslayout trigger is, know about setting display:inline on floats when margins are messed up, avoid using margin when possible, occasionally use * html with a behavior file or expression for missing functionality...

As I said in my other post it's maybe 10 lines of extra CSS with nothing extra in the markup.

Conditional comments in the markup? Completely unnecessary!

But yeah, the only real explanation for this type of nonsense is called being lazy - nothing more, nothing less.

Well, except perhaps trying to deploy specifications NOT EVEN OUT OF DRAFT on production websites - specifications that should not be real world deployable for at least four years AFTER it leaves draft. (given how well CSS2's rollout went)

Besides, if you're gonna bury IE6, you should bury firefox as well given it's gaping holes in the HTML4/CSS2 specification, many of which (like the infamous bugzilla 915) are over a decade old.

Even the media darling is no prize pig.

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