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Mozilla & Gecko clones "One of the most interesting Mozilla Labs projects has now stagnated. Is the project dead? Does it have a future? The Mozilla developer who led the project tells all. Back in the summer of 2008, Mozilla began development of an experimental add-on called Ubiquity, providing new command mash-up capabilities for the Firefox browser. After just over a year of development, Mozilla is now pulling back on the effort, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been successful. The current release of Ubiquity is version, and was released on January 20th of this year. To date, Ubiquity has garnered more than 420000 downloads, according to the Mozilla add-ons site. So what is happening with Ubiquity now?"
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My copy of Firefox routinely runs at over 200Mb of memory usage after only a few hours. Even now, it’s sucking down 280Mb of memory. This is NOT NORMAL, even for a web browser. Granted, I do have more than just a few plug-ins, but most are not fluff (Adblock Plus, Tab Mix Plus, Weave Sync, TACO, BetterPrivacy, CookieMonster, FireBug, Live HTTP Headers, Source Viewer Tab, etc.)

I get some of the same problems, just after a much longer time period (I once used FF continuously for over a week! Ya, there was 1+GB memory used and I had shutdown problems.) It does start reasonably fast, tho.

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