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Google My colleague Thom wrote an excellent evaluation of the European antitrust investigation of Google yesterday. I agree with much of what Thom says in his article, including the statements that the investigation isn't surprising and that it's fishy that the complaining companies have ties to Microsoft. What I don't agree with is the offhanded comment that Google has "pretty much a monopoly in search." There was a lively discussion on this point in the comments, but I thought that rather than join the fray there, I'd exercise my monopoly power and put my thoughts into an editorial.
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by solarcontrol on Fri 26th Feb 2010 14:00 UTC
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These monopolies are only perceived monopolies - usually in the minds of the envious and/or ignorant.

This blogger correctly states that govt's job is to police the private sector and prevent them whenever possible - or regulate them when it's not possible - as in the case of infrastructure utilities - so far (a problem that I think advances in tech will eventually remove).
It is when the govt is corrupt and either allows or enables monopolistic abuse that it becomes real.

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