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Humor BBC News reports "Mark your diaries for 4 March because in Denver the funeral arrangements are well underway for the planned passing that day of Internet Explorer 6". There's a phobia of being buried alive but I think in this case, it's the living that are all too quick to be shoveling the dirt over as IE6 doesn't officially die until 2014 when Microsoft pull the life-support.
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RE: Lazy developers
by werpu on Fri 26th Feb 2010 16:40 UTC in reply to "Lazy developers"
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The problem is less the standard CSS stuff, thats where IE6 can be layouted with conditional includes, hell starts with all dynamic web applications which have become modern... Also modern layouts do not scale well with all their transparencies and rounded corners, but you still can hack them in. Sheesh IE6 now is 9 years old and has had 2 revisions afterwards, get rid of it finally.
I am glad that Google is doing this.
Btw. the more dynamic content you get in the higher the effort becomes, my last count was 30% of additional implementation time to support IE6 in dynamic rich client interfaces on the ajax side of things. Given its marketshare hard to justify this anymore.

This data stems from a corporation I was involved in a project with which had lots of dynamic stuff in, and believe me, the CSS layout was our least concern regarding IE6 support. There were bigger issues in bugs, in IE6 having two separate rendering engines for different types of controls which are not properly synchronized against each other, performance issues on the dom tree, dom bugs which show at the fifth nesting layer of a dynamically replaced element etc...
A simply page supporting IE6 with a semi modern layout still is easy, but pulling off more complicated stuff is simply not justifyable anymore, hence Google is phasing out all its sites regarding IE6 I assume they have less than 5% of IE 6 users on their non search engine sites... It is not worthwhile anymore.

Ah yes and good luck getting bugfixes for all this stuff from Microsoft, the only bugfix to all this is IE7 which fixed about 5 bugs (like PNG transparency and the famous div bleedthrough bug (aka elements of the second native Windows based control rendering engine bleed through divs no matter which Z-Order they have)) closed a few loopholes for layout hacks and opened a can of worms of other bugs. The final bugfix for IE6 is ie8 the first bearable browser enginewise, Microsoft has delivered.

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