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Oracle and SUN Microsoft's server and tools chief Bob Muglia has chided Oracle for peddling a return to '1960s computing', accusing its rival of going against industry trends and backing a dying and expensive operating-system architecture. "There are some things that Oracle is doing that I just shake my head at," Muglia told financial analysts attending the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, California, "I don't understand what's going to happen - what they think they're going to do with Sparc. I don't see how Sparc can live long-term."
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RE: Why is this news?
by jimmystewpot on Sat 27th Feb 2010 05:13 UTC in reply to "Why is this news?"
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I have to agree with you on that point.

I worked in a shop that was a big Sun SPARC based shop.. it just didn't cut it any longer. The one big exception was the Niagara based processors systems.. To give you an idea, we had a very intensive I/O application (Netbackup) that we had T2000 servers running at 9.2Gbps sustained for the entire backup window. CPU load was about 50% so some bright sparc decided it would be a good idea to buy some XEON based servers because they could get 4 for the same price.. the reality was that they could only do between 4 and 5Gbps tops before they would flat line despite the CPU being only 40% idle.. the workload handling and I/O on the Sun Boxes is amazing... In the end they went back to T2000 based servers running Solaris... no more xeon's running windows doing that I/O workload.

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