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Gnome GNOME hacker Seth Nickell has written a lengthy PDF and accompanying blog post with a number of very interesting ideas for GNOME 3.0. I pondered putting this up on the front page, but since that usually only attracts the "It's not what I'm used to so it sucks"-crowd, I decided to put it up here. Be sure to read the blog post, the PDF, and the comments on the blog post to get the entire picture.
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Anything new on storing User-data?
by Claxus on Sat 27th Feb 2010 10:09 UTC
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I´ve been a Gnome user for a decade in my embedded programming career, and I really think it´s a great GUI (Especially the fantastic Gnome Terminal!).

The PDF was about the GUI, but what I´m interested in for Gnome 3 is if there is any plan for anything else than storing files locally.

In the Chrome platform, the client is state-less, and the user content is online (On servers of the new Monopoly of course, but safe) all the time.

Right now, I only see the following options:
- The old file-system-world, I have a local or a shared file system that I or someone else backup where I store my user data.
- The new online-world, a company (Google, Apple/mobile-me) keeps my user-data online and backup.

I would like Gnome and/or KDE to make an interface that makes it possible to implement local applications that stores my user-data on a server, and also handle the offline access by some kind of cache.

In short, make it possible for applications *and* server:s to be implemented with a non-company proprietary protocol/interface/implementation that makes it possible for me and possibly some friends to either setup this server myself, or share it with friends and implement applications/services corresponding to gmail/google docs with a local GUI but online or cache:ed encrypted data.

Until it is possible to setup a non-commercial cloud with an Application interface towards this, GUI updates are not that interesting to me. The trend from company-owns-your-content nice 24 hours available Web app:s will not be changed by a nicer GUI.

Now surprise me and tell me that this is also happening in some project! Perhaps there is a corresponding new driven De Icaza pointing at Google instead of Microsoft out there...

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