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Gnome GNOME hacker Seth Nickell has written a lengthy PDF and accompanying blog post with a number of very interesting ideas for GNOME 3.0. I pondered putting this up on the front page, but since that usually only attracts the "It's not what I'm used to so it sucks"-crowd, I decided to put it up here. Be sure to read the blog post, the PDF, and the comments on the blog post to get the entire picture.
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While I'm a KDE Plasma user, I welcome any advancement in the FOSS ford, no matter which toolkit is used.
However, below the surface of GNOME's popularity GNOME is sadly a battleground for corporate agendas.

Novell decided to focus their corporate money-making on Mono. Therefore the former Ximian devs try to push Mono into GNOME.
OTOH Red Hat focuses on Java, especially after the takeover of JBoss. While Red Hat does not try to push Java into GNOME, they see Novell and Mono as a competitor and want to leave it out of GNOME.
And on top of that, there's also very often an anti-C++ spirit, leaving gtkmm at a marginalized position.

The victim seems to be GTK.
Instead of putting development resources into GTK itself, they are drained, because
1. everything seems to be needed developed twice -- one time using Mono, then without Mono
and 2. other GTK contributors seem to be fed up with Red Hat's and Novell's corporate agendas. Nokia and Intel were both GTK contributors in the past, now both turned to Qt (Nokia when they decided to buy Trolltech and now together with Intel in the MeeGo project).

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