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Gnome GNOME hacker Seth Nickell has written a lengthy PDF and accompanying blog post with a number of very interesting ideas for GNOME 3.0. I pondered putting this up on the front page, but since that usually only attracts the "It's not what I'm used to so it sucks"-crowd, I decided to put it up here. Be sure to read the blog post, the PDF, and the comments on the blog post to get the entire picture.
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Maybe because their app is written in C and easier to bind to the language they use.

Actually I think the fact that the Gnome desktop is written in C is one of the main barriers to rapid development. If they were to use just about any other language--my top vote would be for Vala, followed by C++, C# or Java--there is no question in my mind that the speed of development of the Gnome desktop would explode. But sadly I think most of the Gnome hackers are still too much stuck in their "hacker" mentality, with their vi, emacs and what have you, to realize the benefit that a truly object-oriented platform with a full-featured IDE/toolset could bring....

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