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Gnome GNOME hacker Seth Nickell has written a lengthy PDF and accompanying blog post with a number of very interesting ideas for GNOME 3.0. I pondered putting this up on the front page, but since that usually only attracts the "It's not what I'm used to so it sucks"-crowd, I decided to put it up here. Be sure to read the blog post, the PDF, and the comments on the blog post to get the entire picture.
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RE: That's a lot of thought
by Moochman on Sun 28th Feb 2010 10:32 UTC in reply to "That's a lot of thought"
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But I personally liked the most their plan of allowing you to just drag a whole workspace into 'Pooper' so you can work on it some other day, with all the window contents and data still intact. It's gonna be such a killer feature.

Agreed, assuming it actually works as they expect it to. It's such a new concept that I think it will take a *lot* of user testing and tweaking to make something that is really as awesome as they are hoping. If they just build it and foist it on users based on their own assessments of "what's right", without first doing a lot of iterative testing and redesign to make sure it really is right, it will probably die a slow, horrible death.

I am however very skeptical about the touchpad-corners idea. Even on my ginormous unibody-Macbook trackpad, I still don't really like the idea of parts of it being off-limits. It just seems like it would be too error-prone. Again this is of course something that needs to be tested a lot, maybe it would work better than expected after all and have a huge fan base--but it still strikes me as something that should be disabled by default.

On the whole it is good to see the Gnome 3 team focusing on UI first before they start hacking away... It tells me that something is finally right in the world. ;)

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