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Podcasts Kroc, Thom and David devote a show to the discussion of monopolies. What defines a monopoly, what has it to do with morals, and what positive and negative effects monopolies have on the market. Microsoft and Google are mentioned throughout as we try to place the current position Google finds itself in in context with the massive change in the technology world since Microsoft was king of the hill.
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Effective Monopoly
by Philip Grant on Mon 1st Mar 2010 03:01 UTC
Philip Grant
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Under EU Competition law, reading Wikipedia, a very large market share raises a presumption that a firm is dominant, which may be rebuttable. The lowest yet market share of a firm considered "dominant" in the EU was 39.7%.

The problem with usurping Google is that software patents are getting more difficult to attain, they take time to be granted and while that maybe waiting in the wings, Google can copy functionality and crush a new comer before they become established.

It can be done, but big players in dominant positions can only be shifted if the new dog blitzes in with something startling to capture the imagination of the public. What's the chance of that?

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