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BeOS & Derivatives This is news that makes me very, very happy. Stephan "stippi" Assmus has written a lengthy blog post detailing the progress made on Haiku's WebKit port, and they're quite far along. Thanks to the help of several community members, the test browser, enticingly named (euh...) HaikuLauncher, is already relatively stable, supports tabbed browsing, and a whole lot more.
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So obviously this is indeed good news, and Stephan, Michael Lotz, and Rene Gollent have done a great job continuing the work I started on WebKit and the browser.

In addition I've finally updated my Haiku development box to the latest revision and have been able to compile and implement some features in WebPositive, which I'm using for this post.

I added support for selecting tabs with Alt plus a number, as well as basic scrolling of the page with the keyboard. Of course I would not have been able to do this so quickly without everything else that Stephan and the others have done recently.

I hope to continue helping and will may take a look at adding support for HTML5 audio and video (though I can't make any guarantees.)

-- Ryan Leavengood

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