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Internet & Networking " did a test of the 'ballot' screen at, used in Microsoft Windows 7 to prompt the user to install a browser. It was a Microsoft concession to the EU, to provide a randomized ballot screen for users to select a browser. However, the test suggested that the ordering of the browsers was far from random. [...] Maybe there was cogent technical analysis of this issue posted someplace, but if there was, I could not find it. So I'm providing my own analysis here, a little statistics and a little algorithms 101. I'll tell you what went wrong, and how Microsoft can fix it. In the end it is a rookie mistake in the code, but it is an interesting mistake that we can learn from, so I'll examine it in some depth."
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And here we go again...
by HangLoose on Mon 1st Mar 2010 13:13 UTC
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No matter what MS does its still bad to some people.

If I.E. comes first they are favoring their own browser, if some other browser comes first they are bombed of not doing a good job...

I just wish people would come hard on Apple as they do on Microsoft. Apple is far worse vendor-lock-in-you-eat-what-I-put-in-the-plate kind of thing and somehow people look at them and say "oh shiny!".

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