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Legal "A federal judge has dismissed a year-old lawsuit against Microsoft over alleged antitrust violations for the 'downgrade' rules it set for Windows Vista and XP. The order issued Monday by US District Court Judge Marsha Pechman put an end to the lawsuit filed by Emma Alvarado in February 2009. In her original complaint, the Los Angeles resident accused Microsoft of coercing computer makers into forcing consumers who wanted to run Windows XP to first buy Windows Vista, or later, Windows 7, before they were allowed to downgrade to XP."
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Mixed feelings
by nathbeadle on Mon 1st Mar 2010 20:25 UTC
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I'm somewhat in Microsoft's side... most software companies do this. When CS4 comes out, CS3 isn't available anymore as an example. So really it was good of them to still sell XP.

Where I have a hard time feeling good about that, it's really hard to side with Microsoft when the "new" software that was released wasn't better than the older software. Makes it hard to justify the upgrade, which is why everyone still wanted XP.

Bah, it hurts sitting on a fence!

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