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Podcasts Kroc, Thom and David devote a show to the discussion of monopolies. What defines a monopoly, what has it to do with morals, and what positive and negative effects monopolies have on the market. Microsoft and Google are mentioned throughout as we try to place the current position Google finds itself in in context with the massive change in the technology world since Microsoft was king of the hill.
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OK, I'll bite.

Does Google mis-use its power?
I think this is the main topic for discussion.

Google makes practically ALL of its money from web advertising and had no business doing Chrome or ChromeOS and especially Chromium...It's all $hits and giggles until it happens to you.

The underlying reason was because MS's browser sets ALL serious web development back. I hope it doesn't happen to me, because I hope I would never build something that benefits only me and hinders everyone else and then have to be slapped in the face for it.
But by far the most disturbing and far reaching thing, which I am surprised was not mentioned in the podcast, is the lack of concern shown by Google's CEO over privacy.... and what they did with Buzz drives the point home. I would cancel my G-mail account immediately, if I had one, if that happened to me. Privacy is a slippery slope....and they've crossed the line and are not apologetic.

New google privacy conspiracy? Naah. They made changes to the buzz thing to make it easier to understand privacy settings after the fiasco. I think Google was the only one who lost any profit or reputation during the initial release of buzz. Apologize for what?

You want privacy? Stay off the internet.

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