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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Well, this is a welcome surprise for those of us waiting for Ubuntu 10.04, the Lucid Lynx. Several users are reporting that their iPod Touches and iPhones (including the 3GS) work in alpha 3 - without tweaking, without jailbreaking, without patching - with Nautilus and Rythmbox.
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All well and good but...
by cmost on Tue 2nd Mar 2010 00:20 UTC
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My only reservation about this tacit support for iPods and iPhones in the upcoming Ubuntu release is how long will it last? Recent news of the tit for tat battle between Palm and Apple over iTunes compatibility for the Palm Pre shows how fickle Apple is when it comes to third party compatibility with its precious hardware or software. Obviously I'm comparing Apples to Oranges (pun absolutely intended!) but nevertheless, I doubt Apple will be satisfied with any other software managing its hardware. While I'm all for an open source replacement for iTunes, I will continue to put my support behind media players and devices that support FOSS operating systems and non-proprietary media management software directly, rather than an as an afterthought or happy coincidence.

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