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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Well, this is a welcome surprise for those of us waiting for Ubuntu 10.04, the Lucid Lynx. Several users are reporting that their iPod Touches and iPhones (including the 3GS) work in alpha 3 - without tweaking, without jailbreaking, without patching - with Nautilus and Rythmbox.
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RE: All well and good but...
by alcibiades on Tue 2nd Mar 2010 03:41 UTC in reply to "All well and good but..."
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Customer of mine is going to offer at his public premisses a download station. Running on kiosk mode linux. So what the customer will be able to do is, copy tracks across from the download station onto his mp3 or his mobile phone.

This station is going to have a large sign on it: Not for use with Apple products.

Why? Because he is aware that he could supply Gtkpod, but what he's not prepared for is the howls of rage when it turns out Apple has sabotaged the package in the new firmware release, and some poor chap has scrambled his iPod or iPhone database.

Incidentally, he was worried about something else which I did not know the answer to. If you start up your iPod with the Mac version of iTunes, he tells me that it sets the file system to HFS+. Is this true? Then, he is worried that if he puts in Windows and iTunes on it, which he anyway is not enthused about, what happens if someone updates a Mac intitialised system from a Windows version of iTunes? Does it explode?

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