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Opera Software After a number of alpha and beta releases, Opera Software has announced the final release of Opera 10.50 for Windows, which they call "the world's fastest browser for Windows". Apart from performance improvements, Opera 10.50 comes packed with other new features, as well as improved integration with Windows 7.
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by ohxten on Tue 2nd Mar 2010 15:50 UTC
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I care, but I'm very disappointed in 10.50, and here's why: it feels more bloated to me in some ways.

Before I start complaining, I first want to say you should download 10.50 first and try it out yourself. I'd hate to turn someone off to Opera, it's a fantastic browser.

I should also say I'm a huge Opera browser fan and have been for years. Opera has been my primary browser since the 9.x days. Also, all of the complaints below, I've also shared on their forums and with the desktop team on many occasions after testing most of 10.50's development snapshots (in a nicer, less complainy manner than I am now, of course... but I complain because I love Opera).

So here goes:

On my Pentium 4 3GHz, scrolling performance in 10.50 is nowhere near as smooth as in 10.10. It's choppy and CPU intensive on most pages. With 10.10, CPU usage was low and scrolling was smooth as silk. Opera's smooth scroll was one of the things I loved about Opera.

I'll attribute this slowness to the new graphics engine they're using in 10.50 (VEGA) but still: I've been a loyal Opera fan for a couple of years now because I've always felt that while perhaps JavaScript performance wasn't on par with other browsers (it certainly is now, beating all other browsers I believe, including Chrome) it /felt/ faster. Everything felt so much faster and snappier than in other browsers. But 10.50 feels slower to me, if only because scrolling is choppy and CPU intensive (scrolling is a pretty big part of web browsing, I would say).

The other reason I'm very disappointed in 10.50 is the addressbar drop down style. I don't know if this can be changed with a skin (I've asked on the forums and blog many times, no answer, and I've tried other skins but the dropdown always looks the same) but seriously, the new dropdown is clunky and ugly compared to the old one , which was cleaner and just as functional -- the new one seems to waste a whole lotta space IMO.

The other thing about the new address bar is, say you start typing 'go' so you can press down and go to the first matching history entry, Guess what? In 10.50, you have to press down /twice/, because the first entry is ALWAYS "Search the web for blah...", not the first matching history entry -- in my case How retarded is that? Very retarded. Again, perhaps there's a way to change this, but I couldn't see anything in opera:config, and no one from the Opera team responded to my (and other people's) complaints about this (you may say they were too busy, but they responded to other complaints, so...)

I like lots of the improvements in 10.50, and I'm sure if you've got a newer system, scrolling performance is just fine. But I'm sticking with good ol' 10.10 until:

1) Scrolling performance is again on par with 10.10's on older CPUs like 3GHz Pentium 4's.

2) There is a way to change the address bar drop down style and order back to how it was in 10.10.

If it weren't for those two things I would switch to 10.50 in a heartbeat because Javascript performance is amazing and there are lots of other cool stuff/improvements they made.

My $0.02. I would still download it yourself and see how you like it.

Alright, back to work...

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