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SkyOS Over the past couple of months, I've been getting a number of emails asking me about SkyOS' status. Since I didn't know anything beyond what's on the SkyOS website, and because, well, I have no affiliation with SkyOS, I couldn't really reply to these emails. However, after yet another email sent to me late last week, I decided to simply... Email Robert Szeleney, the man behind the project.
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RE[6]: sad
by Laurence on Tue 2nd Mar 2010 22:00 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: sad"
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. It would be one thing if he had been working on a system like Haiku that can not easily take from FreeBSD/Linux systems but a posix compatible monokernel?

Linux isn't fully POSIX compatible. Only partially - much like Haiku.

So I'm really not sure what the point your trying to make here - aside trying to devalue the hard work of a fellow developer based on nothing more than prejudice.

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