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Opera Software After a number of alpha and beta releases, Opera Software has announced the final release of Opera 10.50 for Windows, which they call "the world's fastest browser for Windows". Apart from performance improvements, Opera 10.50 comes packed with other new features, as well as improved integration with Windows 7.
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I give up
by Invincible Cow on Tue 2nd Mar 2010 22:07 UTC
Invincible Cow
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After continously reporting bugs for over an hour, I give up!

Their UI changes was definetely made by someone who have NO CLUE about user interfaces. And I don't mean the ridicolous tab-bar-title-bar integration (dude, where's my bookmarks?) I mean that core UI concepts like CLICKING ON CONTROLS or DRAWING TEXT and KEYBOARD NAVIGATION of menus and RESIZING/MAXIMIZING windows don't work correctly.

Did they even test this thing? Probably, but while looking away.

And I've never using anything else than Opera since 5.12.

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