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Legal Today's "the day after". The day after Apple started a patent war with HTC and Google. Today, we have statements from both HTC and Google, and a number of other people have weighed in as well as to the possible ramifications of Apple's lawsuit.
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RE: Which simply begs...
by dcloues on Wed 3rd Mar 2010 18:36 UTC in reply to "Which simply begs..."
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the aged old question about patent reform at the USPTO and also exercising your rights to not buy patented technology. Simply say no to the system and buy what is open, and fair. Don't be a lemming?

Can you identify a phone that isn't covered by at least one patent?

If anything, that's yet another argument in favor of patent reform. But unless you're really advocating that people stop using phones entirely until the US patent system is reformed, you might want to reconsider your argument.

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