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Legal In a statement released today, Apple announced it is suing HTC, claiming the Taiwanese phone maker infringed upon 20 of Cupertino's patents related to the iPhone. After Nokia and Apple suing one another a number of times over the past couple of months, this is the next high-profile patent lawsuit in the mobile phones business. Engadget has the filings, and it seems that Apple wants to avoid angering Microsoft, but has no qualms about taking on Google. Update: Engadget analyses every single patent in the claim.
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RE: Comment by JeffS
by mkone on Wed 3rd Mar 2010 22:21 UTC in reply to "Comment by JeffS"
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Apple truly is playing with fire, and they are going to get burned. I'm sure Google has an arsenal of patents, and Google is not going to like this latest idiocy one single bit. Not to mention HTC might counter sue with it's own patents. Let's not forget other Android partners (Motorola, others), all of whom have big patent portfolios. And oh yeah, Apple's already in patent war phone giant Nokia.

Apple's going to start a full on Armageddon patent war against all the other players in in the smart phone market, and get crushed in the process.

I think this really shows major weakness on Apple's part. They are now officially worried about competing, since they evidently can't innovate anymore - just look at the iPad, a worthless, pointless, overpriced, piece of crap, joke of a product.

Also look at iPhone competing products - Droid, Nexus One, etc, which blow iPhone out of the water in terms of features, performance, quality, and price.

Steve Jobs' mojo is now gone. He and Apple can't innovate anymore, so he's going to try to stop his competitors through the courts. Good luck with that, buddy.

And you got this without using the product at all. I wouldn't trust geeks with predicting what will be popular. Geeks hated the original iMac, thought very little of the iPod and wrote off the iPhone. All incredibly successful products. Geeks also loved the Apple Newton!

So when did Steve's mojo go. Yesterday? The company that has recently had record profits, record revenues and record sales. I think he still has his mojo and he is allowed to make a few errors before anyone is entitled to call him 'over the hill'.

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