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BeOS & Derivatives BeOS came with a relatively straightforward browser called NetPositive, or Net+ in shorthand. Especially by today's standards, it can hardly do anything more complicated than rendering basic HTML, so it isn't of much use. Luckily, Haiku has a successor now, born out of the HaikuLauncher conceptbrowser we talked about earlier: WebPositive.
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WebPositive is positively awesome!
by Luposian on Thu 4th Mar 2010 17:26 UTC
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I took it for a spin over at the ACID benchmarks and SunSpider.

I renders ACID1 content 100%. ACID2, with only one small flaw on the nose. ACID3 gets a 98/100 with "Linktest Failed".

And, on my Athlon XP system, I get 4,390ms on SunSpider!

Opera and FireFox get vastly slower scores, in Ubuntu, on the same system. But Chrome (which also uses WebKit) blows FireFox/Opera outta the water and manages to even outdo WebPositive (1,000ms+ vs. 4,000ms+) for now.

But I am so shocked by how well WebPositive performs, overall, even at this stage of it's development, I can't tell you how enthusiastic I am to see future releases!

Oh, and just in case you're wondering... WebPositive on a Pentium II/266 (Intel 440BX board) with 128Mb of RAM... gets... 33,000ms!!! I think that's VERY impressive, considering Opera on a 64-bit 1.8GHz Sempron (3200+), in Ubuntu (Intrpid Ibex) gets 15,000ms+! That's just a little over twice as slow... on a system that has 1/8th the RAM, 1/7th the processing power (266MHz x 7 = 1.862GHz), on a 100MHz FSB!

Go, Stippi, Go!!!! AUSA!

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