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BeOS & Derivatives BeOS came with a relatively straightforward browser called NetPositive, or Net+ in shorthand. Especially by today's standards, it can hardly do anything more complicated than rendering basic HTML, so it isn't of much use. Luckily, Haiku has a successor now, born out of the HaikuLauncher conceptbrowser we talked about earlier: WebPositive.
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This is very imporant
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 4th Mar 2010 17:44 UTC in reply to "Installed it"
Bill Shooter of Bul
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What ... kind of error did you get.

Please, Please, Please tell me it was

Errors have occurred.
We won't tell you where or why.
Lazy programmers.


The code was willing
It considered your request,
But the chips were weak.


To have no errors
Would be life without meaning
No struggle, no joy

And not some stupid boring error message. The NetPositive Haiku error messages were one of my favorite things about the os. Considering the name of the OS is Haiku, it *needs* to have web browser errors in Haiku.

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