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Legal Today's "the day after". The day after Apple started a patent war with HTC and Google. Today, we have statements from both HTC and Google, and a number of other people have weighed in as well as to the possible ramifications of Apple's lawsuit.
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HTC could simply be a hardware provider, and allow customers (if they individually choose to) install the Android OS.

I picture in this worst-case-scenario that HTC would release scaled down, not so flashy, Linux OS device, but one with the ability to easily have a more full featured Android installed.

Since I believe the corts have already decided that a company can't be liable for copyright/trademark violations from an individual. (i.e. Music companies can't sue Apple because someone used a Mac to download music that wasn't paid for.)

Following this thought HTC would continue to make hardware free of legal threats.

To stop Andriod, Apple would have to chase rainbows because Open Source is a moving target, developer today and gone tomorrow.

Apple should spend money looking into WHY Android is gaining ground and fewer dollars filing lawsuits against the wrong target.

I do belive in patents - though I think the PTO needs clearer rules and wording that requires patents to be very specific while allowing evolutionary changes, and also rules which require quicker response from the patent holder when claiming infringement.

In the big picture does stopping Android serve man?
Smart phones (and not just phones) are becoming a neccessity - if you only had one choice of OS while perfect for Apple, doesn't make a better world.

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