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Apple Back in late January, Apple unveiled its iPad (in case you missed it), an iPhone OS-powered tablet device which it said would ship later this year. Well, the Cupertino company is holding true to its promise, and has unveiled the pre-order and shipping dates of the iPad.
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I'm going to hold off until the second gen comes around. It's a good amount of money to spend on it, and I think it'll be worth the wait to hopefully get double the capacity and a new feature here or there for the same price as paying for it now.

I'm mostly looking to use it as a digital music book.. I've got hundreds of PDF documents of sheet music and chord charts that I use/refer to all the time as a musician. To be able to sit this on a stand and flip through pages and search for songs anywhere I am.... totally worth the money right there (and to have audio files as well so I can hear the song as I'm looking at it.... )

Everything else it does is just icing on my cake!

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