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General Development Dust off your he's-a-Microsoft-fanboy complaints, people, because here's yet another story praising the Redmond software giant (sorry). In case you were wondering what the Xbox Live integration on Windows Phone 7 Series (inhale, signified by a comma), meant, then Eric Rudder (what's in a name), Microsoft's Senior Vice President of Technical Strategy, has the answer for you - and it's pretty impressive.
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Far from impressive
by dpJudas on Sat 6th Mar 2010 21:31 UTC
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OK, this article is maybe impressive to people with no or very little knowledge about how programming works, but anyone knowing anything about DirectX or Win32 would find this to be quite unimpressive.

Why? Well because all 3 platforms implement a common subset of the Win32 API and always did. So the only thing they've added is that their mobile OS now also supports the Direct3D API.

That alone does not make it impressive since the iphone has now been out for several years supporting OpenGL - an API very similar to Direct3D. So the news here is that now you can finally use Direct3D on their phone OS - a few years later than the competition.

As for the save game thing, that is about as impressive as the fact that you can send a file between computers on the Internet. Yes, OK I'll admit, I still sometimes get mighty impressed that a computer from the other side of the planet sends me megabytes of data over the Internet and then wireless to my phone, but the fact this is possible is like 10 years old news now.

That the file being sent happens to be the state of a game is NOT impressive.

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