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General Development Dust off your he's-a-Microsoft-fanboy complaints, people, because here's yet another story praising the Redmond software giant (sorry). In case you were wondering what the Xbox Live integration on Windows Phone 7 Series (inhale, signified by a comma), meant, then Eric Rudder (what's in a name), Microsoft's Senior Vice President of Technical Strategy, has the answer for you - and it's pretty impressive.
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Java - Yick. I hate Java desktop apps they are bloated and slow as molasses. Java - Yick. I hate Java desktop apps they are bloated and slow as molasses

What a well presented point... Slow compared to what ? Plain C ? I've seen plenty of crappy C programs. Are we going to judge a language by the programs *some* of its developers write? Do you even know what the performance and memory semantics of the JVM are ?

Java is also in lots of low memory devices like phones, BMW 5 serie cars and the mars rovers.

It has been a a couple of years since I have been in that environment so perhaps that has changed. But I hate Java and wish it would die a quick death.

I guess that answers my first question. So first you admit you haven't worked with it for years and admit your not up to date. Then next you wish it dead even though you just admitted you know nothing about it ?

You will not see Java being used in the entertainment industry, especially console gaming.

That right, thats why they would never incorporate Java in the bluray specification so that players would need to implement it...oh..wait...they have.

No offense Java developers, you can take your skills to C/C++/ObjC/PHP/Whatever... ;-)

If Java developers were forced to move away from Java, the next logical language / platform would be c# / .net. How can you even compare PHP with Java ? Its a totally different solution.

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