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General Development Dust off your he's-a-Microsoft-fanboy complaints, people, because here's yet another story praising the Redmond software giant (sorry). In case you were wondering what the Xbox Live integration on Windows Phone 7 Series (inhale, signified by a comma), meant, then Eric Rudder (what's in a name), Microsoft's Senior Vice President of Technical Strategy, has the answer for you - and it's pretty impressive.
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Let's not use the program of one developer to cast judgement on the potential of the platform/language.

.NET has plenty of areas in which you can squeeze out performance. Use profiling (VSTS) to find exploitable areas of parallelism, and use NGen and mind your GAC to remove pretty much all startup overhead.

Be sure to keep unneeded references out of the startup path, use Reflection to latebind references you won't need until later. Lazy load big objects, get them out of the way of the loading path, memory pool frequent object, profile profile profile.


I know .NET has a lot going for it, if i'm honest. It just pisses me off a bit when people say that Java is bloated and slow cause most of that is kind of ancient history, and a sad legacy of the time PCs weren't even capable of handling a proper desktop OS like NT/OS2.

That has nothing to do with it. When a .NET program runs, the .NET Framework and every library you reference are JITed before it even touches your code.

The Catalyst Control Center has no advantage here.

I was talking about having to load the RTE.

WinXX Cocoa ELF? What the hell? Cocoa is most definitely an Objective-C (Read: Method overhead) pile of garbage, and ELF is a file format..

I know ELF is a file format, i just used it as an umbrella term. I was just lazy and didn't felt like writing GTK/QT/Gnome/KDE/... I'm trying to start something. :p

And that's not the point i was trying to get across. I was trying to say something like:

"If you value so much the the speed and efficiency of the applications you run, make sure that you only run apps that where coded in assembly. Anything else is a compromise."

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