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Microsoft Up until only a few weeks ago, I had little, very little faith in Microsoft ever doing anything serious with its spectacular Courier tablet-book-thing-whatever concept. However, this thing happened, and this thing is called Windows Phone 7 Series - it showed that Microsoft is willing to take risks, willing to introduce something new and fresh. As such, colour me intrigued about rumours from Engadget concerning the Courier actually being real - accompanied by a boatload of screenshots and concept videos.
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RE[2]: Definitely Want
by Neolander on Mon 8th Mar 2010 08:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Definitely Want"
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Well... I used to want an iPad when it wasn't out.

I looked for something to carry around and read the huge amount of PDF I get in college. Said PDF being transferred by drag and drop in a file explorer, not through some SSH nonsense.
For something which would work with my Linux computer like the simplest noname usb pen around.
Which would include a useful home screen allowing one to get agenda information with a single look and organize applications in folders instead of having to browse a lot of cluttered pages.
Something which would allow me, on my spare time, to browse the web and write mails based on what I read through copying and pasting text from the web to mails.
Something which would allow me to listen to a webradio when doing all that.

Apple killed my dreams by shipping the iPad with iPhoneOS.

So now I look at Courier and think it's way more interesting that a device that has already proven to be bundled with a stupid and dictatorial OS, because at the moment I'm not *sure* that it will be such a deception.

Though choice, as you said ;)

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