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In the News Cisco Systems says it will make a major announcement on Tuesday, news that the technology giant says "will forever change the Internet". Shares of Cisco gained 3.65% to close at $26.13 Monday, hitting a new 52-week high of $26.36 intraday, as some analysts speculated that the tech giant is rolling out new gear to help wireless phone companies cope with rising video Web traffic. Cisco had sent out invitations to analysts and the media for a "significant announcement" that it says "will forever change the Internet and its impact on consumers, businesses and governments". Let the speculation begin!
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RE: CISCO Announcement
by DrillSgt on Tue 9th Mar 2010 05:50 UTC in reply to "CISCO Announcement"
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I can think of several things:

1) CISCO introduces security technology to forever block open source protocols and systems from ever connecting to the future internet.

2) CISCO pays off homeland security to make legislation that only allows certain configurations of hardware and software to connect to the internet, which also by the way must be licensed by the FCC.

3) They introduce a new proprietary protocol, patented that is only available to select businesses that can afford to buy it, which by the way is required if you want to hook up to internet 2.




Now why would Cisco hurt itself by doing that? They *use* nothing but open protocols and such...

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