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Legal We have some very, very good news for Europeans (which happens to include myself): we have the European Parliament on our sides when it comes to battling ACTA. If you may recall, ACTA is basically an attempt by the US to impose upon the rest of the world draconian measures like three strikes laws and the DMCA. All parties within the European Parliament have together put forth a resolution that would effectively tackle ACTA.
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RE[3]: Three strikes in the USA?
by SReilly on Tue 9th Mar 2010 19:55 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Three strikes in the USA?"
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The EU is VERY protective of what it thinks is its rights when it involves business, telling the US what it can do, while not allowing us to have the same advantage.

Dude, that's like the pot calling the kettle black. It goes both ways.

One good example is the U.S.'s fixation on Cuba, something we Europeans consider to be verging on hysteria. The US decided that the Cuban trade blockade should extended to the rest of the world, driving the Cuban people further into poverty, a policy that doesn't actually help you guys get rid of Castro, by the way. You declare that any aircraft or ship that makes port in Cuba cannot make port in the US for at least six months. Upon hearing this, Europe decides it will not be pushed around and declares that for every aircraft or ship that is denied port on those terms, two US aircraft or ships will be denied port in Europe for at least one year. You should have seen how fast the US backed off on that policy.

In the end, it's our right to defend ourself against the USs bullying tactics. I'm glad the EP has taken a stand, you guys try to abuse your power far too much and as we Europeans don't have the military capacity to rattle out sabers, we are going to use what we do have that can hurt you, by far the larger of the two's trading power.

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