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Legal We have some very, very good news for Europeans (which happens to include myself): we have the European Parliament on our sides when it comes to battling ACTA. If you may recall, ACTA is basically an attempt by the US to impose upon the rest of the world draconian measures like three strikes laws and the DMCA. All parties within the European Parliament have together put forth a resolution that would effectively tackle ACTA.
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First of all, it'd mean ISPs were forced to monitor all data going in or out and maintain insanely huge lists of illegal material; that is really freaking costly and as such would bar any start-ups from ever becoming successful.

No it would be quite easy. Repeat offenders would be reported to ISPs and they would lose service after being warned. It's that simple.

Secondly, it's pretty easy to spoof things and make it seem like someone is downloading illegal stuff and thus cause the said person to lose Internet access.

IP spoofing is not easy if you are targeting a specific range. Packets can be traced and network logs will show if a 7 GB movie actually went through your local hub or not.

A three-strikes law would involve a warning system which means a strike could be appealed and this type of a scenario could be handled properly.

Thirdly, Internet access is nowadays a must.

It isn't a right and there's always the public library. The only people that would have a problem with this are the ones who pirate media.

Fourth, obtaining such material shouldn't be punishable. You don't get jailtime or fines for buying bootleg DVDs or CDs either, why should digital wares be different? It's the one selling that stuff or putting it up who's committing the illegal act.

Because tacitly allowing digital piracy is harmful to the industries that create the digital products that people enjoy. Laws need to exist that encourage people to buy media from the people that made it. That doesn't need to involve jailtime.

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