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Legal We have some very, very good news for Europeans (which happens to include myself): we have the European Parliament on our sides when it comes to battling ACTA. If you may recall, ACTA is basically an attempt by the US to impose upon the rest of the world draconian measures like three strikes laws and the DMCA. All parties within the European Parliament have together put forth a resolution that would effectively tackle ACTA.
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Sigh. I can't tell whether you're trolling again or simply massively clueless. Probably just the later.

Did you know there is a conspiracy that allows people to share copyrighted works in massive quantities? Worse yet, it is worldwide. Do you know what this 'evil institution' is? A library. By your own very narrow interpretation of 'piracy' you fail to see that the benefits to society are so great that some sharing should be allows (that is, fair use). Personally I believe in paying for copyrighted works. However I see how society can benefit if there are rules that allow non-paid for use in some circumstances.

Besides any of these arguments you were totally out of line claiming Thom supports piracy in your title. As an earlier poster has said you really are a 'tool', once again. Looking at your blog it is obviously you are not entirely skill-less, just a closed minded dickhead yet again. Within your little north-western US blinkered vision you simply lack the imagination to properly follow the points of others, or see the blind spots in your reasoning.

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