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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Want better games on your Android phone? They may be coming sooner now, at least for Android 2.0 models. Google has let programmers tap directly into mobile phone graphics power by releasing a third version of its Android Native Developer Kit on Monday."
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This is of little help
by scoopr on Wed 10th Mar 2010 07:59 UTC
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Lack of GL ES 2.0 has not been the major blocker of decent gaming content or even half-way decent ports. The killer has been that the ndk doesn't allow using of hardware floating-points to be used (because not all android devices have it, and I guess they don't have means of differentiating those yet in the marketplace), making porting efforts (of games, but also tools/frameworks etc.) from other platforms considerably harder to perform, at least anything more (technically) complex than a tetris..

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