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Internet & Networking Cisco Systems today introduced its next-generation Internet core router, the CRS-3, with about three times the capacity of its current platform. "The Internet will scale faster than any of us anticipate," Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers said during a webcast announcing the product. At full scale, the CRS-3 has a capacity of 322Tbit/sec., roughly three times that of the CRS-1, which was introduced in 2004. It also has more than 12 times the capacity of its nearest competitor, Chambers said.
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by beowuff on Wed 10th Mar 2010 18:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Ok...."
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It's not just the end points though. The connection is as slow as the slowest point the data flows through, including the end points. These routers are intended more for back bone connections across vast distances more then for ISPs. Such as between phone companies, universities, and governments.

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