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In the News If you thought the growing criticism directed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office would force them to rethink their strategies in granting patents, you're most likely wrong. After a re-examination that took more than four years, the USPTO has reconfirmed Amazon's ominous one-click patent.
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A system like that cannot last
by irbis on Thu 11th Mar 2010 00:42 UTC
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You cannot help but feel that stories like this has to be from some dystopian scifi novel and not from real life.

Allowing patents like that shows that either the USPTO people are incompetent idiots who should be fired, or that the whole US patent system - and the related other systems that have supported and made it possible - are a deeply corrupt and dishonest mess that cannot stand long as they are now.

Maybe turning back to the ideals of free markets, liberty and democracy could help?

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