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In the News If you thought the growing criticism directed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office would force them to rethink their strategies in granting patents, you're most likely wrong. After a re-examination that took more than four years, the USPTO has reconfirmed Amazon's ominous one-click patent.
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RE: Why the surprise?
by cb_osn on Thu 11th Mar 2010 01:35 UTC in reply to "Why the surprise?"
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So now, the Decepticrats believe that the Govt. is now Competent(??) to make decisions about Health Care (Aaarrgghh!!)

Any incompetence of a representative democracy like the US government can only be the fault of its citizens. It is the responsibility of the governed to take an active and participatory role in a democratic government. Unfortunately, we have an increasingly apathetic electorate in this country which leads to people abandoning their own responsibility and then blaming all problems on the incompetence of the governing body.

The optimist in me hopes that people will realize this before it's too late, but the pessimist fears that it will take a second coming of the "dark ages" before people realize that democracy is not a panacea, and without active participation from an educated electorate, quickly degenerates into something indistinguishable from fascism.

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