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General Development Brown University has developed an IDE for Java called Code Bubbles that takes a pretty radical departure from current IDEs. While most IDEs, such as Eclipse are file-based, Code Bubbles is based on fragments. The system appears to support reading and editing code with fragments, multi-tasking, annotating and sharing, and debugging with bubbles. There's a website with video too.
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Very promising
by avih on Thu 11th Mar 2010 13:47 UTC
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Indeed innovative, and possibly has the potential to be interestingly productive. Obviously a lot of work went into this project, and it looks really good. Well done ;)

Wishful thoughts:

1. Allow resize of scrollable bubbles (object properties, docs, etc).

2. Allow other languages via plugins (syntax, code analysis, compiler/debugger, docs etc), and hopefully also dynamically typed languages (such as Javascript/PHP/etc - probably with reduced functionality which depends on static typing).

One potential issue that might arise when people actually start to use it, is managing the huge amount of contexts/layouts/states that can be stored using this system.

While the system does provide a solution, and in a way, is the solution for context-based programming sessions, it still seems to me that it has the potential to drown the programmer with so many contexts that it actually reduces productivity. But then again, it has to be tried for a while before such statements can be expressed.

Overall, extremely interesting. Looking forward to try it out with languages I use more.

Again, Well done ;)

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