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Benchmarks Common wisdom has it that Flash is a resource hog, and that HTML5 will prevent your processor from having to work really, really hard to show animations of videos. Well, a number of people have conducted benchmarks with the latest browsers and Flash betas, and common wisdom is starting to show serious signs of crackage.
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HTML5 is great but...
by apoclypse on Fri 12th Mar 2010 03:37 UTC
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My issue with HTML 5 is that they have yet to tackle the issue of fullscreen video. I support native players in browsers but think that they should be programmable so that developers can add their own controls like flash and silverlight. There are a lot of things still missing. Even in as early a state as it is now I still prefer it over flash or silverlight anyday. I just think that the spec needs work and that certain issues need to be resolved as all use cases have not been met or addressed.

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