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Benchmarks Common wisdom has it that Flash is a resource hog, and that HTML5 will prevent your processor from having to work really, really hard to show animations of videos. Well, a number of people have conducted benchmarks with the latest browsers and Flash betas, and common wisdom is starting to show serious signs of crackage.
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RE: Video acceleration for Linux
by WereCatf on Fri 12th Mar 2010 05:40 UTC in reply to "Video acceleration for Linux"
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When Gallium3D support is finished, it should become the preferred method of video hardware acceleration in Linux. All video programs (either video players, or HTML5 or Flash in browsers) should then be able to support any codec (Theora, Dirac, x264, maybe even VC1) on any platform (Intel, ATI, Nvidia).

Indeed, Gallium will provide the means for general wide-spread video acceleration on all Linux systems, and even very low-end cards can accelerate atleast parts of the process. The plan seems to be to use GLSL for most operations and to use vendor/card specific features only when it makes more sense. As such once Gallium itself is finished it should be fairly easy to get acceptable video acceleration working on almost any accelerated graphics card.

Should be fairly interesting to any video enthusiast using Linux ;) Now if only Linux weren't such a mess and I could actually get it working properly...

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