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Benchmarks Common wisdom has it that Flash is a resource hog, and that HTML5 will prevent your processor from having to work really, really hard to show animations of videos. Well, a number of people have conducted benchmarks with the latest browsers and Flash betas, and common wisdom is starting to show serious signs of crackage.
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by Kroc on Fri 12th Mar 2010 11:55 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Kroc"
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I’m aware the Adobe claim was the fault of Hixie, but it has worked to Adobe’s own benefit by making the HTML5 working group and the W3C seem incongruent.

Let's kill Flash by showing how much better HTML5 is - not by spreading FUD.

Precisely what I’m doing. Lots of people are talking about HTML5 killing Flash and I’ve been presenting actual usable solutions like VfE as well my website and OSn5 that will come after it.

Flash developers will step up to the game and show the world what they have in retort, but they will always be at a disadvantage. The best they can make is eye-candy. They can’t better integrate with the user’s browser. Accessibility is poor. The user can’t veto text/link/background colour. The user can’t zoom properly. Whatever they make, no matter how amazing, won’t run on the iPhone/iPad or my computer and it’ll eat batteries on mobile devices.

Flash is an obtuse eye-candy wrapper around content that blocks that content from being managed in the way the user wants. Any eye-candy in HTML5 I can veto: I can turn JS off, I can use things like NoScript/AdBlock to choose what I want to see—no such control with Flash—it’s all or nothing. I can use user-scripts and user-styles to re-purpose the content. I can mash the content. I can scrape the content. I can interpret those bytes any how I damn well please. No such freedom with Flash.

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