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Google It's been quiet about the Google-China dispute for a while now, but today, the silence was broken by China's minister of Industry and Information Technology, Li Yizhong, who stated that Google must either obey Chinese law or "pay the consequences", leaving no room for a compromise. With more and more western countries building their own internet filters and internet monitoring schemes, it becomes ever harder to make a strong fist against China.
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RE[6]: Justification
by Vanger on Fri 12th Mar 2010 22:06 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Justification"
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The point was, would you like to be annexed by Russia again? or by China? or by Poland? Belorus?
Annex me? No I'm not into that kind of hentai.
Annex country? Take it.

EU? Do you think it would solve all your problems?
Our previous president and a big part of ukrainophone citizens obviously think this way.

Surely making your own decisions is better, yes?
Yes, of course.
Sadly, that never happened for total 19 years of Ukraine existence (one year in 1918 plus 18 years from 1991).

And having external people offer criticism and suggestions on what could be improved is better yes?
Not always, as external people press their own goals. See IMF/Mexico, for instance.

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