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In the News And thus, our true colours reveal. Since Obama was the young newcomer, technically savvy, many of us were hoping that he might support patent and/or copyright reform. In case our story earlier on this subject didn't already tip you off, this certainly will: Obama has sided squarely with the RIAA/MPAA lobby, and backs ACTA. No copyright and/or patent reform for you, American citizens!
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After the last dimwit...
by SReilly on Fri 12th Mar 2010 23:40 UTC
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I was kind of hoping Obama would be a force for progress in the US but it seems the guy still hasn't actually done anything. The signs started to appear during his Nobel peace prize acceptance speech in which he stated that he fully supported justified war. Doesn't he see the irony in that statement?

It's a shame for the US public. One thing that these politicians seem to miss is that too much copyright abuse ends up stifling innovation, there by moving what could be America's future IP off shore in favor of the short term gains. I understand the need to protect current investments but if the measures enacted to do so end up driving innovation away, you end up losing the top spot to countries that do foster innovation.

When will they see they're building a house of cards on quick sand?

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