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In the News And thus, our true colours reveal. Since Obama was the young newcomer, technically savvy, many of us were hoping that he might support patent and/or copyright reform. In case our story earlier on this subject didn't already tip you off, this certainly will: Obama has sided squarely with the RIAA/MPAA lobby, and backs ACTA. No copyright and/or patent reform for you, American citizens!
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Sickened and Disgraced
by kurgan2001 on Sat 13th Mar 2010 00:51 UTC
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Now we do see the true colors. I don't like politics or any politician.

America is gonna be run into the ground.

I didn't vote for Obama, but I didn't vote McCain either. There was no lesser of the two evils for me. We need other parties to win and take office. At least one that is for the people LIKE IT SHOULD BE and not for big business that can throw money around and lobby.

We need to get all the lobbyists out of DC. Permanently, and make the government work for us as it is supposed to.

I'm actually sickened that I'm an American and this is the nation that my forefathers died to create and protect.

They have taken the American dream and run it so far into the ground that our children's children won't be able to recover from it.

I doubt we'll still be a nation in another 100 - 200 years. If we are, we'll be lucky. Hell, probably every baby born will be stamped 'Property of China' since that's who we owe the most now.

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