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Internet & Networking New Zealand's internet filtering system went live last month - but the government forgot to mention this to its electorate until its hand was forced by online freedom campaign, Tech Liberty. Thomas Beagle, a spokesman for the group, said he was "very disappointed that the filter is now running" and that its launch had been conducted in such a "stealthy mode". He added: "It's a sad day for the New Zealand internet." It's sad indeed, that things like this are possible in modern democracies.
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Politicians are immoral people.
by RogerBryce on Sat 13th Mar 2010 09:50 UTC
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[...] the website filtering system prevents access to known websites containing images of child sexual abuse.

That's a pathetic excuse and I'm shocked it's being used in NZ. Child abuse existed before the internet and filtering website content will not stop it.

Politicians worry about the internet, but everyone knows child abuse happens mostly at home. Moreover, it's curious that so little is being said about paedophiles who prey on children after natural disasters happen in underdeveloped countries. In Haiti you can easily find people in the street willing to help you to buy a child if you want one. You can even go shopping for several children from an orphanage in full anonymity. The orpahanages close down after all the children in them have been sold.

Politicians have no sense of morality. It's been already said they're worse than paedophiles.

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